Hands-on Tips on the Correct Certificates, How to Progress in your Yachting career, and How Malta can Benefit You

MaritimeMT is an education and training provider in Malta, offering almost all STCW courses from basic short courses up to Certificate of Competencies. This workshop will include an overview about the Malta flag tickets and how these are perceived in the market and Malta as a good strategic location.

This will also include the yacht route for the deck department and how one can progress his career within the yachting industry. Moreover, there are common misconceptions and lack of knowledge in the industry in terms of certificates required, hence this workshop will include high-level information on the different certifications required at each level including other requirements that are often requested at employment.

What you will learn:

1. Benefits of the Malta flag and Malta
2. The yacht deck route under the Maltese legislation
3. Common misconceptions in the yachting industry




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