How Easy is it to Hack a Yacht?

10:30 am - 11:30 am on 29th May 2020 (UTC+2), Webinarjam
Learn about:

1.How vulnerable is a yacht really?

2.How yachts, owners and their crew can be better protected

3.IMO Regulations 2021

Pelion Consulting will be joined by guest speaker and ex-Anonymous hacktivist Mike Jones as we explore the importance of cyber-security on board yachts, how cyber-security needs to be a mindset and just how easy it is to be hacked without appropriate safeguards.
Real world examples from Campbell and Mike will be discussed. Basic measures can be easily implemented to secure your yacht to help prevent becoming the next easy target.
We’ll also give you guidance on the upcoming IMO 2021 cyber-risk regulations – find out how Pelion Consulting can help you ensure compliance and remove the stress of having to meet this rapidly looming deadline.



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