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Discover ACREW’s free events happening worldwide for Captains & Crew to help you progress and develop your skills in your career. Explore with us today.

The solution for your future career in yachting.

ACREW are global leaders in skill development for the Superyacht industry. We recognise that Captains and Crew are the heart of the yachting industry and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether it is your first step into yachting, continuous development throughout your yachting career or going onshore, we will have a solution for you.

Into Yachting


Ready to get into yachting but not sure how? FutureCrew is the solution for you to finding your first job on a superyacht.

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Throughout Yachting


ACREW organises events in yachting hotspots around the globe to help crew continually improve their skill development in their career, these events involve workshops facilitated by industry experts which allow for learning and networking. Explore with us today!

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Are you always losing your paper training record book or damaging it? CrewSkills is a digital version of your paper training record book.

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Out of Yachting

Crew Awards

The Crew Awards have been developed to reward crew that have proven themselves to be the very best at their job. The Awards are both a personal achievement and an industry-wide recognition of professional excellence.

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Ready to go onshore and want to know which direction to go? ShoreMatch will support you every step of the way in helping you find a successful career ashore.

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