Covid Tips & Advice for Interior Service & Housekeeping

Mayte, from Barcelona Crew Academy, will share important updates on how your interior service will look different, now that pandemic regulations determine hygiene and new behavior standards.
In an open webinar not only for stews, chief stews, and chefs but also for captains, Mayte will explain how the new requirements influence housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, and the guest service onboard. The whole vessel is impacted by the new COVID requirements, so join this webinar to get a quick update on how you can adapt the new requirements in your daily job.


Learn about:

1. Basic knowledge about COVID requirements & procedures for Interior Service

2. Advice for Housekeeping & Cleaning procedures

3. Advice for Laundry and Guest Service procedures




See below the presentation Nuria kindly shared with us during the webinar.





Registration for this workshop has now closed.