Dealing with Cardiopulmonary Disorders including Heart Attacks and Strokes

The scope of cardiopulmonary disorders is broad. One end of the scale would cover somebody with high blood pressure and at the other end of the scale there are those with the real possibility of a cardiac arrest happening on board. It is very common for guests and owners to be somewhere on this scale. Certainly these days there are many older people that are on medication for hypertension (chronic high blood pressure), have had minor heart surgery or have suffered ‘mini’ strokes. It is essential that crew know the signs and symptoms involved with these conditions, as well as appropriate care and emergency responses. Experts from MedAire and RDT will cover all aspects of this important topic including lots of real life examples, as well as fictional onboard scenarios, using live data collected by the Tempus IC2, demonstrating the importance of vital signs and careful monitoring of the casualty.



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