Compositeworks, La Ciotat

ACREW’s first European and Shipyard event in 2017 took place in Compositeworks, La Ciotat. ACREW held this exciting event in La Ciotat for two days of learning and knowledge sharing. Our programme focused on getting you ready for the season ahead with inspiring workshops for all departments. Attending crew was also treated to lunch, drinks and our end of the day happy hours.

Just by showing up, 20€+ were raised for the Sint Maarten fundraiser!
This event was dedicated to continuing that support by raising money for causes helping the people of Sint Maarten out in these hard times. 
Our last event in Astilleros Shipyard, Palma de Mallorca, raised over €3,000. Thanks to our partners JOTUN, Liquid Yacht Wear, MedAire, Nautiel Service, RoamingExpert and UAM for their generous support.

ACREW also provided 1-2-1 advice from a range of experts on important personal & superyacht topics. From financial planning, mobile tariffs to career consultations and eye protection consultations you had the chance to book your consultation.

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Day 1|Wed 29th Nov

Day 2|Thu 30th Nov

Registration for this event has now closed.