MASTERCLASS: Reducing Incidents Onboard

The ‘Reducing Incidents Onboard: Looking After Crew’Masterclass will bring together experts from a range of fields as diverse as aviation, coaching and the special forces with the intention of understanding how looking after crew can reduce incidents onboard.
When incidents onboard are analysed in order to learn from them, there are often aspects where human factors have failed to stop the incident from escalating. In many larger incidents it is a number of these factors compounding that have catastrophic effects. Crew resource management and the consideration of crew welfare are investigated in this Masterclass in terms of how they can reduce incidents onboard.
Delegates will hear lessons from aviation, thought to beyears ahead of the superyacht industry, in terms of crewresource management. This looks at how every crewmember onboard plays a part in the safe operation of theyacht on a daily basis. Debbie and Colette from Tag Global
Training will openly discuss how commercial pressures fromcompanies and owners are managed, whilst ensuring creware protected to operate at their best.
The Masterclass then moves on to hear practical waysCaptains and HoD’s can look after their crew to ensure thewhole team is working optimally. Issues such as ‘hours ofrest’ legislation, situational awareness and recognising thesigns of stress, fatigue and exhaustion will be addressedby facilitators with a wealth of experience in these areas.Michelle from Pantaenius Yacht Insurance will present aseries of case studies that demonstrate first hand where andhow human factors have contributed to yachts making aninsurance claim.
Attendees will be part of a leading edge conversation that is paving the way for the continual improvements in terms of looking after crew. They will leave with the knowledge and resources to affect immediate positive change onboard.


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