Category: Captain (Master 500GT) Crew Awards 2020 Award Category

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The Captain (Master 500GT) Crew Award recognizes the achievements of a hands-on Captain who is experienced in working closely with Crew. Managing the budget, ensuring the safety onboard as well as communicating competently are part of their day-to-day role. This Captain holds responsibilities across all operational areas and is the direct line of communication for all boat related matters.

Key competences:
• Ensuring the safety of the yacht and individuals onboard
• Overseeing all deck operations and management
• Supervision and preparation of water toys
• The management of administrative and safety procedures onboard
• Bridge watches and the navigational passage planning of the yacht

Judging criteria:
• Leadership
• Coaching
• Safety focus
• Team and guest focused
• Communication
• Planning
• Budgeting
• Decision making
• Project management

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