ACREW Insights Monaco

Managing Export Sanction Risks: What Captains need to know before leaving Port


This Insights Day uncovers import and export issues of objects onboard. With some of the legal aspects that crews could face on a yacht carrying antiques, art and many other objects onboard. Being aware of the risks of carrying prohibited materials onboard that might infringe international laws has become important. The tendency is to think that if you own an object it is up to you what you do with it. Often owners will be unaware of the issues until something bad happens.

• Be aware of the many risks to valuable objects on board such as prohibited materials at sea and endangered species.

• Avoid seizure, impoundment of goods and even imprisonment

• Comply with CITES – The convention on trade with endangered species & National Treasure and heritage laws 

The day will consist of 3 hours of seminars followed by a drinks reception.

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