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Moving Rare and Precious Art Onboard Superyachts Across Borders

The art on a superyacht is often highly treasured and incredibly valuable. Carrying, moving and displaying fine art on a yacht comes with many risks including care, security and increasingly, the risk of prosecution when taking these pieces into new territories. In a groundbreaking seminar, fine art expert Pandora Mather-Lees assembled an incredible panel discussing how moving art pieces across borders can lead to significant legal and moral issues, from endangering rare species to supporting terrorism.

The aim was to inspire confidence in delegates by providing a clear set of actions to really understand the implications of artefacts present on their yacht. Expert speakers clarified the context around these laws and explained how to adopt best practice and the right processes to travel without concern. Importantly, an understanding of each person’s roles and responsibilities in the legal aspects of the art onboard was shared, all the way from the owner to the family office or management company, to the Captain.

Three distinct issues were addressed by the panel. They began with the new legislation from CITES (Convention on International Trade for Endangered Species) which makes it the legal responsibility of the yacht to be licensed for items such as ivory, coral, certain woods and a host of other protected items. Followed by a discussion of the National Heritage Laws adopted by many countries to prevent national treasures leaving the country. With varying international and European wide agreements, each country has its own laws with different tolerances and consequences. The final issue was discussed with the movement of antiquities between borders, addressing issues of illegally looted art and how this is supporting terrorist activities. Delegates learnt about a new Directive to be enforced by customs officers for goods entering the EU by any means.

A first for the industry, it is hoped that bringing together Captains, Chief Stews and Pursers with Management Companies and Family Offices will enable all present to share knowledge and to understand and then help improve the processes and practices onboard. This will serve to protect all parties, as well as inspiring confidence from the owner that their treasured, sentimental and often incredibly valuable art is safe onboard

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Day 1|Tue 9th Apr

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