Category: Chef Crew Awards 2020 Award Category

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The Crew Award for the best Chef onboard celebrates a chef who showcases excellent skills in provisioning and preparing interesting menus for guests and crew. Demonstrating flexibility, creativity and client focus is the Chef’s strength. Every Chef has signature meals, but this Chef continuously evolves, develops and innovates their cooking to suit different client preferences and dietary needs. Logistical competencies are necessary to source and purchase the ingredients, preferably with a sustainable vision.

Key competences:
• Devising interesting and delicious menus, meeting the demands of dietary requirements and the event in hand
• Sourcing and purchasing food items and ingredients
• Arranging the transportation of food stuffs to the yacht
• The preparation, cooking and presentation of meals for guests (and sometimes crew)
• Cleaning and maintaining the galley

Judging criteria:
• Crew cooking
• Guest cooking
• Personal development
• Creative
• Stress resistant
• Flexible
• Provisioning
• Innovative

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